CEO Level, One-on-One Private Mentorship & Guidance:

1.You will meet with Mr. Padilla in his office for a 4-hour, 1on1, mentoring session to discuss your business plan, strategy, goals and a 5-year vision.

2.You will have a weekly one-on-one, 30-minute mentoring call with Mr. Padilla.

3.You will be held accountable to send an end-of-week progress report via email.

4.You will meet with Mr. Padilla after 6 months at his Cabo Beach Front Vacation Home for a 1-day deep dive, progress evaluation.

Then 2 days to Getaway and Think, Reflect, Plan, Relax and Experience “The Lifestyle.”

NOTE: Mr. Padilla will only accept 2 qualified & highly dedicated mentees for this program.

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