Chairmen Level, One-on-One, Private Mentorship & Advisory:

1.You will personally meet with Mr. Padilla in his office for a One Whole Day, deep dive exploratory session, One-On-One, to discuss your business plan, strategy, goals and a 5-year vision.

2.You will participate in a comprehensive and growth oriented weekly, 1on1,

40-minute mentoring call with Mr. Padilla.

3.You will be held accountable to send an end-of-week progress report via email.

4.You will personally meet with Mr. Padilla on month 6 & 12 at his Cabo Beach Vacation Home for a 1-day deep dive, progress evaluation and 2-days to Think, Reflect, Plan, Relax and Experience “The Good Life.”

After 3 days in beautiful CABO, you will be ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning!

5.Dramatically increase your business acumen by having Mr. Padilla sit as a Senior Advisor on your advisory board or team.  

6.You may be eligible for special VIP invites to attend inner-circle affluent networking events.

7. You may have opportunities to partner on business ventures & acquisitions with Mr. Padilla’s firm.

This program is only for entrepreneurs or executives who want to create exponential growth over the next 12 months and are willing to work effectively and put in the required time.

NOTE: Mr. Padilla will only accept 3 qualified & highly dedicated mentees for this program.

Question: If Mr. Padilla can help you close ONE deal in 12 months is the value there, yes or YES?

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