In the Trenches Training


Here is what you will get: 

1.     Bring all your questions. No holds barred! NO B.S. NO Fat between the muscle.  

2.     You will be chauffeured in Mr. Padilla’s Rolls Royce while being Mentored. You will go visit 1 to 3 projects and learn how he found them & how he funded them. $1,000 Value

The Good, The Bad & The UGLY of the Deals.

3.     You will learn HOW Mr. Padilla quickly evaluates a property.

His secret recipe/formula.  

Is it a Deal or NO DEAL?!? 

4.     You will learn a few of his prospecting lines. How does he find deals in today HOT Market?

5.     Get copies of his personal mailers $500 Value  

6.     You will hear him contact brokers on the phone

7.     You will learn his Top Secret LOI System. Letter of Intent. $1,500 Value.

8.     You will get his scripts to call Sellers. $250 Value 

9.     Email system so brokers send you OFF Market Deals $1,200 Value

10.ASK Mr. Padilla any question

11.You will get a CEO Schedule to follow

12.A schedule for your Acquisition Agent

13.The Rules of the game

14.Learn the mindset to Create Exponential Growth

15.You will go over several case studies on CLOSED Deals. Value = Priceless

16.A Copy of his “Unconventional Purchase Agreement” to allow you to control the deal and keep your deposit safe. $2,500 Value

17.A copy of his custom “Addendum” to allow you to control the transaction. $2,000 Value