Investors: We have two simple yet effective programs: Please watch the video and contact us with more questions at

Trust Deed Investing: A trust deed investor is an individual who is seeking a higher rate on investment (ROI) by loaning their capital via a promissory note that is secured by real estate. A trust deed investor acts as the bank but receives a higher rate of return compared to investing in a Bank CD, Bond, Savings Account, Traditional IRA or sometimes a Mutual Fund.

Funding Partner: This is for affluent investors who desire to own apartment buildings & commercial property but want a seasoned real estate firm to partner with that will source solid investments, resolve due diligence, secure financing, handle project management, property management & take care of all of the day to day operations until it’s time to cash out or 1031 Exchange into a bigger asset.  

Our accredited investors are typically professionals or business owners who simply do not have the time, resources or expertise to find solid investments and manage them. 

Our team does all the work:  

Source the Investment: Finding the right investment in today’s market, truly is “Finding a Needle in a Haystack”.  

Vetting: We handle the due diligence, market research & underwrite financials.

Financing: We utilize our banking relationships to obtain the best loan or structure seller financing.

Project Management: We take care of rehabbing the property efficiently in order to reposition the asset; thus giving it the highest market value.

Property Management: Our team resolves all of the day to day operations. After being in the real estate business for 42 years, we believe that no one will take care of our “Baby” better than we will. We have a vested interest in the property.

Exiting/Selling: We put the property on the open market & give it maximum exposure to assure we sell it effectively & earn Top Dollar.   For more information email us at